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Huletts provides meals for 50 people for a year

In a bid to raise R20 000 for FoodForward SA Huletts held three interactive events over November and December. The public were encouraged to have a free photo taken of themselves holding up one of their favourite Huletts inspirational quote boards and to share the photo on social media.

Huletts pledged to donate R1 for each photo shared with the #HulettsWisdom hashtag. The goal was to raise money for FoodForward SA to provide nutritious food and grocery products to 50 hungry people for a year.

The iconic messages printed on Huletts white and SunSweet brown sugar sachets inspire many in quiet moments of reflection or to start up conversations. They’re all about connecting you with yourself, and with others through messages of hope, strength, integrity, wisdom and happiness. So what better way than to share these messages to raise money for FoodForward SA and those less fortunate and hungry in South Africa.

Huletts fans made their mark and hundreds of photos were taken over the course of the three events and loaded onto the #HulettsWisdom Facebook photo album.

Thank you to Huletts and every person who took part, making this generous donation possible.

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