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St. Giles Association for the Physically Disabled

In 1954, South African philanthropist Cecil Scher noticed a lack of support for and understanding of the disabled living in Johannesburg.

Scher then established the St. Giles Association for the Physically Disabled, which is located in Kensington, Johannesburg. The organisation offers medical care, social and emotional support and physiotherapy to physically and mentally disabled individuals. Their residents have been disabled by accidents, strokes, congenital conditions and acquired degenerative illnesses.

The organisation’s mission is to uphold the dignity of the disabled by providing a caring, supportive and protected environment in which they can face the challenges of daily life and develop skills to help them reach their potential.

To help the organisation achieve this, they employ a full-time matron with a team of nursing staff and care workers who provide 24 hour care. St. Giles also has the support of a social worker who provides counselling services and teaches coping skills to both residents and their families.

FoodForward SA has been assisting St.Giles for more than two years by supplying them with fresh produce, groceries and toiletries on a regular basis.

Thanks to these donations, the organisation is not only able to feed its beneficiaries wholesome meals every day, they’re also able to extend their reach by supporting those who are not residents but also need a helping hand.

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