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M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven, brightening futures for nearly 100 years

The Children’s Haven was established in 1922, in response to the Great Flu of 1918, when a substantial number of parents died and children were orphaned. Based in Ugie in the North-Eastern Cape, the orphanage is a community based and community driven, non-subsidized welfare organisation.

M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven, named after its founder, relocated to Port Elizabeth in 1987, in an effort to improve its capacity to render services to the community. This materialised after lengthy discussions between the government, community leaders, church denominations, and the Department of Education.

The Children’s Haven is a multi-racial institution providing accommodation for 100 children between the ages of 3-18 years. The Haven also aims to provide accommodation for mentally disabled children who have been removed from parental care in terms of the Child Care Act.

Not only is The Haven a place of safety for orphaned children, they also provide each child with the following support:
• Aims to meet the special needs of children to assist with their physical, mental, emotional and social development.
• Provides programmes to promote non-discrimination, tolerance, mutual respect, diversity, and inclusion of all groups of society.
• Works to establish relations between the children and their natural parents by encouraging the maintaining of contact.
• Affords each child with the opportunity to participate in sport, cultural and recreational activities.

Children at M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven is involved in a variety of daily activities, such as:
• Study time.
• Playtime activities.
• Karate, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, etc.
• Prayers and worship.
• Sunday school.

FoodForward SA currently provides the organisation with donations of food, which enables them to feed their beneficiaries regular wholesome meals.

Thanks to these donations, M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven is able to save substantially on their grocery bill, allowing them to reinvest available funds into other aspects of running the organisation.

FoodForward SA is proud to be partnered with this wonderful organisation and is especially proud of their accomplishments. They have helped children achieve tertiary education, with some moving on to start their own businesses, whilst others have become teachers.
Thanks to FoodForward SA supporters, we’re able to support M.T.R. Smit Children’s Haven and the valuable work that they do to make a real difference in our communities.

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