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Help in Every Burden

Established in 2006, HIEB (Help in Every Burden) is a non-profit, Interdenominational Christian community organisation located in Polokwane.

The organisation’s aim is to reach out to those experiencing hardships and serious unfortunate life circumstances. They strive to give hope to people struggling to live a purpose driven life and to motivate and get them back on their feet. HIEB supports people by providing them with food, clothes and low-cost, temporary housing.

One of the projects they run is the Seshego Aged Project that supplies the elderly with good quality, second hand clothing. This creates an income generating opportunity for senior citizens who sell these items to members of the community thereby helping them to become self-sustainable.

HIEB enables former street children to attend school and provides them with bicycles as a means of transportation to get them to school every day.

Two of their proudest achievements was when a couple cared for by the organisation opened their own construction company and a former street child is currently completing his Degree in Business Economics at the University of Limpopo.

With the help of FoodForward SA, HIEB is able to ensure that their 130 beneficiaries, comprising of 71 families, 5 small welfare organisations and an old aged care centre, are fed wholesome meals on a regular basis. They are also able to place food outside their premises where it is available to those who need it most. HIEB goes above and beyond and has extended their reach by supplying food to the hungry on the border of Mozambique in December each year.

Thank you HIEB for helping to alleviate poverty and hunger in your community.

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