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Make every penny count

R35 may not be much, but to FoodBank SA, every penny counts.

With just R35, we can feed a hungry person for a month.

In light of World Hunger Day (28 May) coming up, we would like to highlight how little R35 is to the average consumer yet how much value it can add to a hungry person.

We invite you to participate in our #R35Challenge. The challenge is to use just R35 a day to buy lunch over the course of the week. You are encouraged to upload pictures of what you were able to purchase with the hashtags #FoodBankSA, #R35challenge and #WorldHungerDay.

With the #R35Challenge we hope to demonstrate the impact of a R35 donation to FoodBank SA, versus   how a person may struggle to buy even one meal for the same amount.

Next week it’s the FoodBank SA Fast on the 27th of May and we’re going to be putting ourselves in the shoes of those less fortunate than us by fasting for 8 hours. If you’d like to get involved, pledge your R35 and help feed someone less fortunate for a whole month.


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