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Cycling their way into our hearts

More generosity from the Glencore group as their Cycle Club donates R10 000 to help FoodBank SA in the fight against hunger.

In 2015 Glencore committed to fully fund our Rustenburg branch for three years, the branch provides food to 3,000 beneficiaries, through 30 NPO’s in the Rustenburg area. The support came at a time when hunger was at an all-time high in the Rustenburg area.

Glencore’s generosity hasn’t stopped there. FoodBank SA has received a donation of R10,000 from the Glencore Cycling Team, the donation will be used to assist FoodBank South Africa with its food rescue efforts. We want to say thank you to the Glencore Cycling Team. Your generous donation will provide beneficiaries of the Rustenburg branch with nutritious food, detergents and toiletries.

Cycle with purpose to make a difference

The Glencore Cycle Club is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2012 with a few dedicated Glencore employees. Membership is now open to anyone who believes in their vision of contributing towards improving the quality of life for people in need and children with cancer.

Every year FoodBank SA works hard to increase our reach and assist more hungry South Africans. With help from amazing sponsors such as Glencore and incredible donors such as the Glencore Cycle Club, we have been making steady progress.

Every donation counts

FoodBank South Africa needs your help to continue to grow and reach even more hungry South Africans. Why not consider signing up for your own Feat for Food Challenge and help support FoodBank SA with the funds you raise? The Feat for Food Challenge gives you, your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues a chance to support you in achieving a personal or group goal, while raising funds on behalf of FoodBank SA.

With every generous donation we can help more people, and further our impact all over the country.

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