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Feat For Food Challenge

Find the motivation to stick to that New Year’s resolution by taking up the Feat for Food Challenge and help raise funds for FoodBank SA.

Are you looking for something to help you complete your New Year’s resolution? Sign up for a Feat for Food Challenge and help support FoodBank SA with the funds you raise. The Feat for Food Challenge gives you, your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues a chance to support you in achieving a personal or group goal, while raising funds on behalf of FoodBank SA. The funds will go to supporting their 500 beneficiary organisations who in turn provide nutritious meals to over 115,000 hungry South Africans daily.

How to choose a Feat

Your Feat can be anything you want to accomplish such as cycling/running a race, hosting a cheese and wine night, a weight loss challenge or even a bake sale. The choice is limited only by your imagination.

How to get involved

Once you’ve selected your challenge, you can register with FoodBank SA and open an activist page on GivenGain This platform allows your family, friends and colleagues to donate funds and help you reach the fundraising target you have set.

FoodBank SA will support your Feat by promoting it on our website and social media platforms. To register, please email us at or call 021 531 5670.

Help FoodBank SA alleviate hunger in South Africa.

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