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Give a Gift and spread some festive cheer!

Give a gift in lieu of a celebration this festive season and make it a merry time for all.

 Food is an important part of South Africa year-end celebrations. But, sadly, for many South Africans there will be little food on the table because of the escalating food insecurity problem spreading rapidly across rural and urban South Africa. For nearly 50% of our population, finding enough food on a daily basis is an enormous challenge.

You can help change that. When planning how best to celebrate the festive season, consider making a donation to FoodBank SA in lieu of a gift so that the festive cheer goes further this December. A gift as little as R40 can help us provide enough food to feed one person for a month!

We’ll let your gift recipient(s) know you and / or your family has provided food to someone who needs it. In their honour, and on your behalf, we will send them an e-card with your personal message. In that way, you provide both the “gift of giving” to your gift recipient(s) and the gift of nutritious meals to hungry South Africans.

Click here if you would like to give a gift this festive season.

For more information, please contact us on 021-531 5670, email or visit

The festive season is a time for celebration and goodwill. Spread the cheer and compassion by giving a gift to others.

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