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Christians in Action Giving the Homeless a Hand

Christians in Action started one day when Heleen and Harry Smit gave a lift to a homeless person walking on the road. They immediately realised that there was a desperate need for the bare essentials to be supplied to impoverished South Africans.

Heleen and Harry started collecting second hand clothes and shoes for South Africans who had fallen on hard times or were homeless. The small group that they assisted were either disabled, impoverished or pensioners who lived on a meagre R1, 300 a month, which included renting a back room or a Zozo hut for R800. This left barely anything to cover the cost of other necessities.

As the news spread, Christians in Action found that there was a dire need for more than just clothing and many of their beneficiaries could also not afford to buy food.

FoodBank SA was able to assist Christians in Action in supplying food to those in need.


A greater gift than just food

“For the hungry the gift of food is so much more than a meal: Food alleviates the depression that a hungry person feels. A hungry person becomes ill when they are starving, and food contributes to healthy living and less illness,” says Heleen from Christians in Action.

Christians in Action continue servicing the community that they support which wouldn’t be possible without the support of FoodBank SA and all those who make FoodBank SA’s work possible.

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